Language shapes our thoughts and our worlds. It follows strict rules and simultaneously constantly colours outside the lines.

Within the publishing house of Studio Stekt language and text form the basis of thinking. Using language we illuminate and research other forms of art, but, crucially, we also question words themselves – how they work, what roles they can play, how they move and give meaning.

The (developing) book catalogue of the studio is therefore an eclectic collection:  from poetry and novels to academic treatise, from book about art to artistic experiment in book form, and everything in between: all manners of textual and linguistic thinking and research are given the space to grow.

Interdisciplinarity is for that reason a key characteristic of the books published by Studio Stekt and experiments, connection, and depth are at their basis.

Sustainability is another essential factor: both in the production of the books themselves, as within the ideas and people creating them. People, ideas, and books are given time and space to grow.

As a result the scale of the publishing house is and will remain small and the pace at which books are published is relatively low; Studio Stekt does not engage with fast fashion practices and always values quality above quantity. Sustainability and natural growth are also at the forefront of all collaborations, sales, and marketing practices of the studio.


Do you have an idea that you want to develop into a book? Or do you already have a (near) complete manuscipt waiting to be published?  And do you like what Studio Stekt is doing? Then send an email to jessie@stekt.eu with a clear introduction of yourself and your idea or manuscript.