Are you looking for space to grow your curiosity? The space to fulfill your longing for insights and depth? The space too always keep asking questions, to keep searching? To develop your thinking?

Studio Stekt is where ideas come to grow. 

Explicitly interdisciplinary the studio moves across the intersections of text, art, and research. Ideas come to full bloom in, with, and throughout the interrelations and interconnections between these different disciplines and in, with, and throughout the world around us.

Interdisciplinarity offers the space for different perspectives and ways of thinking to co-exist and interact, and this interaction stimulates critical analyses, depth, multilayeredness, and connection.

Studio Stekt, therefore, focuses emphatically on conversation, on (inter)relations: no one thing or being is an island, not even islands.


The inherent interdisciplinarity of Studio Stekt, moreover, finds her origins in the belief that thinking is more than only rational logic.

Creating art is a form of thinking.

Seeing and experiencing art are so as well.

Emotions, movement, creativity, instincts, intuition, empathy, playfulness, intimacy, connection, … these are all ways of thinking.

Thinking is a form of doing and doing is a form of thinking.

And all these forms of thinking continuously interact with and reflect upon each other. Studio Stekt emphasises this by analysing/thinking through one form of thinking through the lens of another form. In this way we keep on questioning ourselves and the world around us – openly, critically, and creatively, alone and together.


Relationships and interconnections are thus at the core of Studio Stekt. Connections between disciplines, perspectives, worlds, people.

The studio therefore aims to form a hub for artists, thinkers, doers, and researchers who want to engage in conversation, acknowledge and celebrate differences, and experiment at the crossroads.


Do you feel like this is a place for you? Do you have ideas you want to grow? Or do you have opinions or thoughts about what the studio is trying to do? Subscribe to the newsletter or get in contact via jessie@studiostekt.eu