to the beating of your heart
the rush of blood through your veins
the bubbling excitement in your stomach

to the pricking of your skin
the swift movement of your feet

and you will hear
your idea growing


Studio Stekt is where ideas come to grow.

Sustainable and evolving online and offline grounds for artists and academics, for those who have a need for asking questions, for depth and connection, for those with an unstoppable curiosity and inner drive.

For the thinkers who also act and the acters who also think. For those who can celebrate and research differences, who want to engage in the conversation, and for those who want to experiment at the intersections.

Because at the crossroads of text, art, and research, Studio Stekt offers prolific space for experimentation, connection, depth, and complexity. Here, thoughts are challenged, perspectives highlighted, and forms of expression explored so that ideas can grow from a little seed to full bloom.

Consisting of a triad of art gallery/production house, publishing house, and research space, the studio explicitly focuses upon the interrelations and connections between different elements in the world and within these respective elements themselves. Studio Stekt provides time and space for exploring and experimenting with differentiating perspectives and ways of thinking as to – in the interaction – stimulate critical analyses, depth, complexity, and connection.

Art, text, and academic research are the main pillars here.