Let’s call it a newsletter, but, actually, it is

A telling of stories, softly whispered in your ears, late at night, at the break of dawn, during a lazy afternoon in the summer heat, on a cold winter day spent next to the fire.

It’s me reaching for your hand, trying to connect. A way for us to keep in touch, to share our humanity, to build towards the realisation of our ambitions.

It’s us sharing what excites us, what moves us, what scares us, how we got hurt as well as how we are healing, what we are fighting for, what we have lost a long the way and how that is actually never really lost, not as long as we remember. It is witnessing ideas spark and letting them grow.

It’s something as prosaic as a newsletter, reverberating with all the stories ever told, all the stories still to be discovered.

It’s a newsletter, in English, issued intermittently.

And you can join it: